Inteligencia: mención en Inteligencia económica – 2021/2022

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1° Edizione

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1500 Ore


60 CFU


This Postgraduate Master Course in intelligence is oriented to how to use intelligence in your professional performance from theoretical rigor and conceptual clarity, yes, but with a practical approach on how to use this tool in professional.

– Adjust the use of intelligence as a tool to the particularities and specific situation of the student.

– Extrapolate the use and implementation of intelligence from different structures.

– Offer rigorous training with sufficient projection to professionally qualify students in the field of intelligence.

– Consolidate this field within the framework of other adjacent disciplines (History, Law, international relations, psychology, …)


Tematica SSD CFU ORE
Fundamentos de Inteligencia 6 0
Evolución: Estructuras de Inteligencia 6 0
Producción de inteligencias. Guías Profesionales Básicas 6 0
Contrainteligencia 6 0
Metodología de Investigación en Ciencias Sociales 6 0
Inteligencia, Psicología y Toma de decisiones 6 0
Régimen Jurídico de la Inteligencia en España 6 0
Ciberinteligencia 6 0
Inteligencia Económica y Empresarial 6 0
Trabajo Final de Master 6 0



This Postgraduate Master Course in Intelligence has a practical vocation and is aimed at professionals in the sector who want to improve their practices and procedures or who are interested in applying different tools to reduce the uncertainty inherent in decision-making processes in their sector or professional performance.

Strumenti Didattici

This Postgraduate Master Course will be delivered online through our didactic platform available 24/7.

The distance learning system shall provide assisted learning along a predetermined educational path, with access to didactic materials specifically developed, with a wide range of interactive individual and group activities, supervised by tutors and experts in the field, able to interact with students and to answer their enquiries.

The study of the didactic materials, both digital (video lessons of the lecturers with graphic animations) and on paper support (lecture notes and/or texts), is conducted according to the time schedules and personal availability of the student.

Students may avail of video lessons for the study of theoretical knowledge, of bibliographies and sitographies, in addition to notes and documents necessary for the acquisition of practical skills.

Adempimenti Richiesti

Upon enrolment, the student will receive, at the e-mail address provided during the enrolment process, the credentials to access the UniPegaso platform, where they will be able to download the final certificate once the have successfully passed the final examination.

Students are expected to:

  • study the didactic material specifically arranged;
  • participate in online activities;
  • successfully meet the required learning outcomes of each module as stated in course outline in order to pass the assignments;
  • revise the assignments according to the lecturers’ comments in an event of the failure to meet one or more of the learning outcomes for each module;
  • successfully pass the final dissertation defense real time via digital tools.

Titoli per l'Ammissione

The following access qualifications are required:

  • Bachelor’s degree corresponding to EQF level 6

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